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New fashion influencer GGs Luvz recently featured the ebony and ivory Carmen Clutch on her instagram page. Giovanna has always had a passion for fashion and is amazing at putting fabulous looks together. She was previously in the childcare industry for 20 years but recently decided to follow her dreams and dive into the fashion

Reminiscing about that time Arthur McQueen was featured in Voyage Miami Magazine on this throwback Thursday. Voyage Miami is an online magazine that highlights the creatives of the South Florida area. These creatives share their passion of the arts through fashion, food, photography, entertainment, make-up, fitness, event planning and so much more. Voyage Magazine reached

Reintroduction to Arthur McQueen

I remember being in my final 3 semesters of school creating my portfolio for graduation and designing my logo. And at first it was exactly that, just a logo for my portfolio. Then it clicked in my head, nah, you have to make this into something in real life. That’s basically the beginning of the

Arthur McQueen Blog Is Back!

Sincerest apologies to all! We had a hiccup with the previous blog, so here we are starting fresh and brand new. The first quarter of 2020 is complete so we can continue to move forward. I also want to take a moment to send positivity and good vibes to everyone during these hard times of

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